Out of respect for our host’s standards, we respectfully request that you do not use any alcohol, coffee, tea or tobacco on the Church property.

  1.  When and where is the upcoming Finding Your Roots Fair?  October 17, 2020, 1424 Maple Road Williamsville, NY  14221.
  2. Is it really free?  Yes the conference is FREE.  The only cost to you may be the optional lunch-for which we suggest a $5 donation.  The breakfast snack is free.
  3. Do I have to REGISTER? Registration is very encouraged but we are still not requiring it for attendance.  Registration helps us plan a better day for you and our lunch committee really appreciates having a good idea of how many lunches to prepare.  (The email you provide at registration will never be given out or sold to anyone, any company,  anytime, at all- period.  We may send you a reminder email as we get closer to the event and one next year for informational purposes only.) Official Registration is now open on our registration page.  If you would like to receive notifications and updates throughout the year please email us at [email protected] with your name and email address.
  4. What time is the conference? Starting at 9:00 AM you can register for tours of our Family History Center, sign up for time in the Story Booth or the Scanning Demonstration.  Also at 9am you can sign up for a free FamilySearch account and enjoy our free breakfast snack (muffins, juice, pastries).  The plenary keynote session begins at 9:25 AM and classes begin at 10:00 AM.  One hour classes run in four consecutive periods with a lunch break after the first two periods.  The last session ends at 3:45 PM.
  5. Do I have to stay all day?  No, you are welcome to come and go throughout the day.
  6. What about parking?  There is plenty of free parking surrounding the church.  Overflow parking can be accommodated in the parking lot at the school next door-also free.
  7. What about Lunch?  We offer a great lunch with sandwiches- usually beef, ham, veggie and turkey- chips, cookies, some veggies and more (every year it is a little different).  Lunch is available with a suggested $5 donation which is informally collected at the lunch period.  We cannot accommodate dietary special needs for vegetarian, gluten free or other requests but you are very welcome to bring your own lunch.
  8. Handicap Parking and Entrances?  Yes there are three entrances that are handicap accessible.  The two front entrances have no stairs, a cut sidewalk and marked handicap parking.  There is also the same type handicap entrance in the back of the building.  The side entrances have stairs with railings.  The building is on one level and the rooms and halls are able to accommodate wheelchairs.
  9. Where and when can I sign up for a free FamilySearch account?  You can come to the Family History Center during open hours.  For information about Family History Centers and to find the closest to your location visit: https://familysearch.org/locations
  10.   Where is the nearest Family History Center to me? For information about Family History Centers and to find the closest to your location visit: https://familysearch.org/locations


Questions? Comments? Glowing Complements? Please email us at buffalofamilyhistory@gmail.com