2019 Handouts

Below are links to 2019 Handout PDF files.  This is provided as  a service to you and to help in our effort to reduce paper copies.  All materials are provided with the permission of the teacher.  Please respect copyright when forwarding or referencing these handouts. Not every teacher submitted a handout for publication on this website.

Connecting Through DNA, Nicole Biggs

Connecting through DNA

DNA Testing for Genealogy, Rhonda Hoffman

Genetic Genealogy Basics Handout 2019.doc

Breaking Old World, Rhonda Hoffman

Breaking Old World, Breaking Old World October 2019

Exploring Church Records, Ward Bray

Exploring Church Records, 2019 Exploring Church Records v5

Above the Fold-Your Ancestors in the News

  Above the fold, Ancestors in the News Jeanette Sheliga:  Newspapers 2019 (1)

Top 10 Brick Wall Solutions, Dee Ann Young

 Top 10 Brickwall Solutions Handout

Top 10 Brick Wall Solutions slide deck 2019

Genealogy Records and Archives of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Deborah Stauring, Carol Maher, Sherry Campbell

Genealogy Records and Archives of the Daughters of the American Revolution: DAR RGG-LRC-1000 Lineage Worksheet

Cemetery Research, Michelle Kratz

 Cemetery Research Handouts (1)

Being A Good Ancestor, Jim Lawson

Being a Good Ancestor Being a Good Ancestor write-up

Being a Good Ancestor

Military Records, Jim Lawson

Military Records

Military Records write up

NARA records

Ancestor birth War index

Timeline of US Military Conflicts

Military excel sheet